Verify the identity of your clients with the fastest and most secure technology on the market for

Identity verification is necessary and mandatory to guarantee security in all digital operations of companies and to comply with current regulations. At SmartBiometrik we do it in an agile, practical way and complying with the highest safety standards. Comply with regulations and guarantee the safety of your operations

Legal electronic signature of documents with verified identity

Documents, contracts, payroll, authorizations … sign all kinds of documents with the greatest security and with the greatest number of evidences. Send a link and your clients will sign with their identity document and a selfie, complying with the eIDAS regulations

Identified video call: the new reality of business.

Identify and sign in a video call in compliance with international regulations. Close sales on the spot, authorize operations, holding advice and online meetings, exams. Integrated in the main platforms of the video calling market.

Why SmartBiometrik?

Custom software solutions

Facial biometric solutions that adapt to your business processes. Easily integrate our solutions into your company. Streamline your processes and offer a superior experience to your customers

Innovative and constantly evolving technology

Our R&D team always offering disruptive solutions and opening new horizons in digitization

Seamless customer experience

Experience and usability are necessary in the digital transformation, we are pioneers and we always offer the greatest of experiences to our clients.

Smartbiometrik solutions

Onboarding and secure access

The safest and most autonomous way to register your clients in just two steps and avoiding identity theft. Simple integration into your website or software. Customizable API Complies with AML5 money laundering prevention regulations

Identification in video call and signatures

Legalized identification and electronic signature services integrated into the video call itself. Identify the attendees of a video call to share confidential information, to cast a legal vote in a meeting, to legally sign a contract on the spot, to certify the identity of a student. The virtual face to face, your best ally in sales


ADOC is an intelligent document manager that allows you to send and request documentation in an agile way, through a comfortable customizable checklist system. Save time and hundreds of emails, centralize the sending and request of information, integrate the electronic signature in document management. Activate it on our platform or request the API if you want to integrate it into your software

Mail burofax

Certified electronic communications system. The digital alternative to the postal burofax. It certifies the receipt of electronic communications through our certified delivery service. Activate it on our platform or request the API if you want to integrate it into your software

Electronic signature

Leaders in the electronic signature process complying with eIDAS regulations. More than 1,000 clients use our electronic signature services. It includes facial biometrics through a selfie to provide a greater number of evidences that give greater security and legality to all your operations. NOW ALSO ON VIDEO CALL

SINPA - System of punctual charges without dataphone

Make virtual payments without a dataphone. Get paid on the spot for your services, your bills, your budgets. All with a link that you can easily share. Activate it on our platform or request the API if you want to integrate it into your software

Smart presence

Sistema de control de presencia en videollamada. Evita el fraude y la suplantación de identidad en exámenes. Certifica la asistencia a formaciones, cursos y juntas

Dynamic biometry by voice (NEW)

Voice recognition algorithms, which through guided text training certify the identity of the person and is one more evidence in contracts. We give legality to word contracts. One more test for informed consents, saving costs and improving efficiency. We identify the ineffective in plenary sessions and assemblies


  • Complies with sepblac directives
  • KYC (know your customer)
  • AML (anti money laundering)
  • GDPR (for data protection)

Image analysis

Liveness detection

Anti spoof

Face masking

Machine learning

Processing algorithms

Optical flows

Anti 3D filters


Facial recognition

Through facial recognition we can verify the digital identity of anyone behind the screen and in a video call as well. How do we do it? We identify that the supporting document of that person corresponds to their selfie.

Life test

In order for the identity verification to have the highest security standards, we add proof of life where we verify through different algorithms that the person is really behind it and it is not any type of impersonation with a photo or video.

Identification document reading

Automatic capture and extraction of customer document data

Access to any session or portal with security

Through digital onboarding you can register customers or users in an agile and practical way that will help you reduce costs and time to attract new customers.

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ANTI-FRAUD technology

Avoid digital identity theft and verify identities behind the screen

Own technology adapted to current regulations to help prevent money laundering.


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