In recent years, the advancement of technology has led to an increase in the use of the Internet by both individuals and companies. This has allowed many procedures to be carried out without leaving home. Labor relations have also experienced the consequences of this advance, and today, employers and workers communicate more and more by telematic means, thus reducing to traditional methods. Proof of that? The use of the electronic signature in employment contracts. At Smarbiometrik we invite you to know all the benefits of using it.

Benefits of the electronic signature

Applying digital signatures to employment contracts has many benefits, and some you may not be aware of. Here you have them: It has the same legal validity as the traditional handwritten signature. As proof of this, article 23 of the Law of Services of the Information Society, recognizes the private electronic document as a perfectly valid means to celebrate any type of contract. Furthermore, the Ministry of Labor issued an external circular, in which it establishes that employment contracts can be concluded through electronic or digital signature. It should also be noted that what is published in said circular applies in the same way to workers in the private sector.

Signing an employment contract electronically represents a saving in the time used to carry out this procedure, because it is not necessary for the worker to have to go to their place of work to carry out said signature. In addition, for you it means an optimization in the management of said process with Social Security. Contribution in environmental tasks With the electronic signature it is no longer necessary to print the employment contract on paper for your signature, because it is sent by electronic means, so you avoid the contamination produced by the ink and save paper.

If you have come this far, you will have already realized that the electronic signature for employment contracts provides many benefits to both companies and workers. For example, you save time in processes related to Social Security. In addition, you now know that it is also recognized by official bodies, and that it has the same legal validity as the handwritten signature.How to get the electronic signature as a method of managing the contracts and documents of your employees?

Smartbiometrik as a certified provider:

It makes it possible to collect the biometric data of the signatory, with which you can demonstrate with greater guarantee his identity. It complies with the data protection law of Spain and Europe, since the signer’s approval is requested before collecting their personal and biometric data. Add security measures to the signing process, such as access firewalls and encrypted communications, so that you have complete peace of mind that the reading and signing of your documents is carried out only by the parties designated to it. It generates an evidentiary document, which collects the electronic evidence created during the signing process.


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