Delivery note and invoice are two documents that help us to maintain clearer business relationships with our clients. The reality is that these are two very different documents. The main difference is that the invoice is the only document that we can use to claim payment for a good or service. However, the delivery note certifies the delivery of an order or provision of a service.Today you can have these documents digitally, saving costs and gaining legal security, enter

What is a delivery note?
The delivery note has two objectives
The delivery note must include a series of data
The digital delivery note
What is an invoice?
What is a delivery note?
The delivery note is a document that justifies the delivery of an order or the provision of a service. It is a commercial document that must be issued by the supplier. And once the client has signed it, it certifies that the merchandise has reached its recipient.
The delivery note has two objectives
For the buyer, it allows to control whether the merchandise received is the same as the merchandise ordered.
For the seller, the delivery note certifies that the merchandise has been delivered and accepted by the buyer. Once you receive the signed delivery note, it will be necessary to issue the corresponding invoice.
The delivery note must include a series of data
Delivery note number. Like invoices, delivery notes must be numbered with their own series.
At the top it must indicate that it is a delivery note or delivery note so that it is visible.
Date of issue.
Name of the issuer and receiver, NIF and address.
Description of the products delivered, indicating their number.
Place and date of delivery of the merchandise.
Receiver’s signature.
It is advisable to indicate the purchase price to avoid misunderstandings, usually without including taxes.
The big difference with the invoice is that the delivery note has no tax validity, although it does serve as proof of purchase.

The digital delivery note
By entering you can create or upload as many delivery notes as you want to the digital control panel. These delivery notes are created in mobile web format, so that they are sent to any carrier on their mobile, saving on paper and always having traceability of where the delivery note is without it ever getting lost.
Regarding the signing of this delivery note, we rely on the legal guarantee provided by trusted digital service providers such as the FNMT or With the digital certificates issued by these providers we create free digital stamps through
The bearer of this digital stamp can sign any delivery note just by bringing his mobile closer to the carrier’s mobile.
Advantages of digitization:
Cost savings: There is no paper, there is no need to create physical stamps, speed in preparing invoices means saving administrative time.
Legal Security: The digital seal that signs the delivery note can only be created by the holder of the certificate issued by the FNMT. This digital stamp can be canceled online at any time, so if a delivery note is digitally signed, it is because the owner of the stamp has it in effect at that time.
Information: At all times the receiver of the merchandise as well as the seller of the merchandise knows the status of the shipment and its receipt.

What is an invoice?
The invoice is a more complete document than the delivery note since it must include the complete identification of the seller and the buyer and the full price of the items, including VAT. In this article we break down the data that an invoice must contain.
Unlike the delivery note, the invoice is a mandatory document. In addition, the invoice is essential to deduct VAT from business expenses. It has tax validity and we can use it to claim a repair when the item is under warranty.

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